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Product Design

We work on the edge between future vision and industrial production. Our designers have a decade of experience of what is possible in mass production in consumer products in a wide range of categories. Since then our designers have helped companies to successfully launch dozens of products into the market. We believe in a holistic design approach, bringing all stakeholders together to deliver the best design solutions for our clients in terms of, innovation, aesthetics, user experience, sustainability for a maximum results.

Industrial Design

We offer a unique outside perspective based on the unique global team and deep market understand as well as our Design Thinking approach. We believe in close cooperation with our partners and their internal design teams in order to deliver to produce solutions that are both smart, substantial and innovative. Our design team realize top quality surface models throughout the entire process, from the initial concepts all the way to the final data.


Technical Design

Based on our years of experience in mass production, we can assist our clients in the implementation and development process. This way we can make sure that we can both deliver on quality and functionality of the finished product.


CMFP Design

A sophisticated material, color and finishing strategy is an essential part of every successful product strategy. Thanks to our diverse team of designers and their unique cultural understanding our deep know-how of material innovations, we make sure to connect your design to global trends and transform your brand values into a winning CMFP design strategy for international arena.



We believe that prototyping is the key factors of innovation success. Therefor it’s important to explore different directions to find the best final solution for the final design. Fail fast, play, learn and discover are the key elements when it comes to innovation. Using our unique design-thinking approach, we think with our hands, by making use of our in-house rapid prototyping tools to create prototypes that we than evaluate in user testing. 


APP Design

In today’s world of connected devices, the App is the cockpit of every product we use. Therefor the way we approach this challenge in the design development process makes the difference. Whether as an extension of the analog product experience or and standalone solution, we can help our clients with the entire development process, from early concepts to prototypes.


Service Design

People expect more from a product than just a sophisticated product design. They expect delightful experiences that impact their everyday lives. We help to design engaging experiences that allow brands to positive impact their customer’s life by offering touching experiences throughout all touch points.  



Game changing designs and innovations are always based on an understanding of context and culture that define the needs and desires of the people inside that. Developing key insights is not simple about collecting information but about interpreting and filtering that information and discovering key factors that remain invisible to others. Together with our clients and a network of researchers, strategist and our team of designers we thrive to explore those opportunities.

Ethnographic Research

Our world has become a global village. But for a product to succeed globally a deep understand of cultural and social phenomena plays and fundamentally important role to win the hearts of the consumers. We understand the factors that drive people’s behaviors and world-views. During our years of working and living in Asia we build a wide network of design researchers throughout Asia that help us to create unique insights that are the foundation of creating meaningful design solutions that will bring our client ahead of the competition.


Trend Research

In today’s complex world it’s important to filter out the noise that distorts the picture. From global megatrend’s all the way down to the frontiers of macro trend’s in interface, material, interior and mobility. We know how to find relevant indicators and translate them into future scenarios. We help our clients to understand why certain trends are more relevant for their business than others.  


Design Strategy

Through design we strive to transform the future today. We believe that all major successful brands are driven by a substantial design strategy that aligns with the firms overall business strategy. We are eager to deploy design as an competitive advantage and create strategic design’s that can contribute to the overall design strategy in a focused and coherent way.  



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